At FSW, we are proud to offer a variety of audit and accounting services. Whether you’re looking for us to review or compile financial statements, perform a financial analysis, due diligence or more, you can count on us to use our expertise to provide you with the most accurate information you’re looking for.

We provide financial statement services to the following:

  • Businesses of Most Any Size
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Fire Relief Associations
  • HUD Projects
  • Non-profit Organizations


When it comes to our financial statement services, we are focused on our customers and have a track record of providing accurate information in a timely manner. You can rest knowing that we’ll be by your side through the entire process as we make sure your information is kept safe and secure.

Financial Statement Services

  • Audits of Financial Statements
  • Audits of Employee Benefit Plans
  • Federal Funds to Non-profits (Uniform Guidance)
  • Agreed-upon Procedures Engagements
  • Review of Financial Statements
  • Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Internal Controls Analysis and Recommendations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Projections
  • Due Diligence