Founded in 1972, Fiebiger, Swanson, West & Co., PLLP is an accounting firm in Fargo that specializes in financial services for businesses and nonprofits of any size. Whether you run a sole proprietorship, a large corporation, or a nonprofit, finances are getting more complex – and your personal finances aren’t much easier to handle. Can you deduct property taxes? When do taxes need to be filed for your business? No matter what your question, we are prepared to give you the information you need.

We know that you want to understand your financial statements, tax planning, and business planning. Our key to understanding your business is listening to your concerns, frustrations, and dreams for success. We stand out because we listen to what our clients say and provide professional services in each phase of accounting, tax, financial service, and management advice.

Whether you are looking for a real estate CPA, construction CPA, audit and accounting services, bookkeeping services, personal or business tax preparation, or more, our professional CPAs are here to help.


Superior Client Relationships means we know our clients, we talk with them frequently, we listen to them, we provide meaningful advice, they follow our advice, they pay our fees without complaint, they come to us for additional services, and they refer others to FSW.

Trust means every FSW team member trusts each other enough to have meaningful debate about a matter, reach a group decision, and follow that decision whether that was your position in the debate or not.  Trust extends through all staff levels at FSW.  FSW team members must trust that they will be treated fairly during their term at FSW.

Responsibility means every FSW team member gets their assigned tasks completed accurately and in a timely manner.  It also means that they accept that they are accountable to the rest of the FSW team members for their results.

Integrity means we have high moral character.  Doing the right thing is important to us.  We believe it is important in all relationships, whether personal or business.  If we don’t have integrity, our clients and other FSW team members won’t trust us.

Value Development means that we all need to continue learning throughout our career and our personal life.  We provide opportunities to all FSW team members who strive to improve themselves.  It also means that we provide advice to our clients that adds value to them or their business.

Exceed Expectations means just that.  We hope to give our clients better and more timely service than they expect.  It is also true about internal projects and internal relationships; we strive to exceed the expectations of our fellow FSW team members.

The first letters of each core value aren’t bolder than the others by mistake.  Those letters form the word STRIVE.  In one respect that is to help all of us remember the core values.  It is also a word that describes what we expect of everyone at FSW; to strive for excellence and compliance with our core values.

These core values are not an option at FSW.  They are a statement of who we are, how we work, and what clients and FSW team members can expect.  In other words, they best describe our culture and what we believe.  If you don’t share these core values, FSW isn’t right for you and you aren’t right for FSW.  We expect every FSW team member to live and work by these values.

We want our clients, prospective clients, referral sources, recruits, and FSW team members to know our core values. Everyone should know these core values and be able to recite them when asked.  All of us need to STRIVE for that. Just imagine if every FSW team member illustrated all 6 of these values for the rest of our career.  We would be OUTSTANDING!  No firm could keep up with us and we would all have an incredibly rewarding career.